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Survey: Pagan Podcasts

I have been thinking about Pagan podcasts lately after discovering my old Catnip Brew episodes. For some unknown but wondrous reason, the Pagan podcasting community is a vibrant and bustling place and I am constantly finding new Pagan podcasts cropping up on the net like mushrooms. In the chance I feel compelled to start one [...]

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  • 17/12/09: I have scoured my bookshelves for dust-cloaked journals recorded with my spells from my teenage years, retrieved passwords to obsolete blog accounts filled with magical practices, and even perused the Internet Wayback Machine to find long-expired websites where I used to publish my writings on witchcraft. What I could find up until January 2009 have now been consolidated under this handy roof. #
  • 14/12/09: This website will now become the new home of Armchair Magician, the online journal/portfolio of a half-committed practitioner of magic. #

Welcome to Armchair Magician

This website is a collection of my magical practices and esoteric studies.  I intend this site to be more of a journal cross portfolio, where my experiences will hopefully serve as inspiration for some existing practitioners to create their own workings as well. If this is all sounding like gobbledegook to you right now, please read the About section for more information.

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